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Server Status: Online
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Most Players Online: The most players (78) were online on 2017-12-07 at 20:36:04
Server Time: 15:53 2017-12-14

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This donation guarantees you, the players,a long term stability, an assurance that the server will not shut down suddenly because of the lack of funds, and the ability to keep the server lag-free as much as possible.

When donating please make sure that the Paypal Email Address your donating To IS IF ITS NOT DO NOT DONATE! If you do you will not RECEIVE your Item Mall Points!

PayPal payments are Available


Battle Sea Online Donation

Payeer payments are Available

How to donate by Payeer?
1. Create your Account -
2. Upload your Credit Card
3. recharge your Payeer account by USD or EURO
4. Then Go to Transfer> Chose your Payeer account > Amount
5. Send to Payeer ACC: P76634841
6. After Payment Completer Order
Terms of agreement
  • No refund will be given
  • Any refund or dispute appealed will lead into account permanent ban.
  • We will not refund for any rules-breaking reason that got you banned
  • If you donated, that doesnt mean you have the rights to break our rules
By pressing "Buy Now" you accept our rules & terms of agrement.
Once you finish donating please click "Complete my order", which you can see on the top of the website. Thank You for your time and donation. You should recieve your item mall points within 24 hours. If you have not recieved your item mall points by then, please send us an email or contact us in-game and we will add them to your account as quickly as possible.

If You Do Not Send Us An Email, We Will Not Be Responsible If You Do Not Receive Your Item Mall Points.



# Character Name Level
1 ˇŔLAmethyst 110
2 Farm4 110
3 BufferWeng 110
4 Bunda2ponto0 110
5 SexyKira 110
6 bufferˇ§ˇ§P 110
7 PzdcZz 110
8 Buffle 110
9 PaulinaGogo 110
10 LaBuffer 110