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Server Status: Online
Record Players Online: The most players (127) were online on 2018-02-25 at 13:13:59
Server Time: 15:55 2018-02-25
Account Created: 280
Character Created:
Guilds Created: 5

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This donation guarantees you, the players,a long term stability, an assurance that the server will not shut down suddenly because of the lack of funds, and the ability to keep the server lag-free as much as possible.

Donation Promotion [3x IMPs (Tripple) Promotion per donate] END [10.02.2018]

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Battle Sea Online Mall Points
Terms of agreement
  • Battle Sea Online is Free RPG Tales Of Pirates Game

    Donate Annoucements & Rules

    * Battle Sea Online features an Item Mall that allows players to acquire items, supplies, and services for their characters. The Item Mall uses a form of virtual currency called Item Mall Points.

    * By purchasing any Item Mall Points or Virtual Items guarantees you that the server will not shut down due to a lack of funds and stay functional for as long as possible

    * Purchases can be made using a variety of methods. After the purchase is made and the funds are cleared, the player's account will be credited and will be available for use in the Item Mall.

    *All purchases are non-refundable*

    • Once you finish donating please do the following.

    • 1.) Send us an e-mail to, with your
      Account name,
      Character name,
      Transaction ID,
      Amount donated,

    • 2.) After you have done that, go to Complete My Orders

    • 3.) Relax and wait patiently as you should recieve your IMPS within 24 hours.
    • (Note: Western Union buyers will recieve their IMPs within 1-2 days of sending the order.)

    If you have not recieved your item mall points by then, please send us another email and we will add them to your account as quickly as possible. Click to visit our item mall.

    If you do not send us an e-mail or complete an order, we will not be responsible if you do not receive your IMPs.


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    Server Rates

    5 x Solo-Exp
    10 x Party-Exp
    8 x Drop-Rate
    250 x Fairy-Growth