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Server Status: Online
Record Players Online: The most players (127) were online on 2018-02-25 at 13:13:59
Server Time: 15:55 2018-02-25
Account Created: 280
Character Created:
Guilds Created: 5

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» FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions «

Please read each FAQ carefully. They may help solve your problem faster than creating a ticket would.

*What to do after I just got hacked?*

You will have to create a ticket using this link or post in our forums . Once you have done that you need to wait for a staff member to reply Note: All hacked cases must be reported within 3 months of it happening. Allow up to 2 weeks for our staff to review and update your case.

*I don't know my security information for my account?*

To change security information of your account, please contact staff. Once you created a ticket or contact staff, a staff member will reply to you about how you can obtain/change your security information

*My character says "target map cannot be reached" in game client?*

Your character may be on a map that is currently not opened. To fix this, please contact the staff with the subject "Character Bugged" and our staff will fix your character for you.

*I cannot see certain items, maps, or monsters?*

Please use our auto patcher to update your client. If that does not work you can always manually download the client from here or you could directly download a new game client.

*"Item ID in inventory is invalid [XXXX], Game Going to exit"?*

Please use the auto patcher to update your client. If that does not work you can always manually download the patch from here or you could directly download a new game client.

*My IMPs have not arrived after an hour of my purchase?*

Once we recieve your payment your account will get your credited automatically. However, there are times where our system can delay/not deliver your IMPs. In the event that does happen, please contact the staff with the correct subject and we will prioritize fixing your problem

*Can I trade/sell/buy accounts/items for USD/Gold?*

Simply put, no. This is the number 1 cause for scams/hacks and we do not support it on our server. If you are caught your account(s)/item(s) may be terminated. You can read more about this in our Game Policy

*How can I know if I am talking to a real staff member?*

The best way is by simply asking them ingame to teleport to you. All of our staff members have either a blue "HD" symbol or a gold "GM" symbol above their heads. You can also check out our Staff List if you would like to make sure they are online. Note: Some of our staff have characters that we use for testing that may not appear on the staff list. If you encouter one of these characters, make sure they have a blue "HD" symbol or a gold "GM" symbol above their heads before giving them any information.

*"Game version is incorrect"?*

Run your BSO Launcher. If that still did not fix it, download this client and use luncher again

*Client crashes multiple times?*

The reason for this may be the client's music folder. In order to fix this, you have 2 options: 1.) Download our newest client and extract it to your client folder. Upon running it, it will automatically correct the issue. - OR - 2.) Navigate to your client's folder and either delete the folder called "music" or rename it to something else. Restart your client and the crashing should be fixed. Note: Make sure Game.exe is not running while you are doing this.


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Server Rates

5 x Solo-Exp
10 x Party-Exp
8 x Drop-Rate
250 x Fairy-Growth